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Anti-inflammatory - Muscle Aches - Arthritis Relief - Eczema Relief - Joint Pain Relief - And more ...

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Soothe ~ Heal ~ Protect

CBD - Extracted from non-psychoactive industrial hemp, CBD is known for its ability to relieve pain and  inflammation in sore muscles and joints, as well as relieve anxiety and assist in sleep.

DEVIL'S CLUB - Found in the Rainforest of Southeast Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, its oil has been used by the indigenous people of these regions for centuries to relieve pain and soothe skin.

Hydrate and Soothe Skin  -  Knee Pain Relief  -  Back Pain Relief  -  Calm Nerve Pain

"I went from skeptic to sold in one application! A ankle ligament injury for which I was told I needed surgery was acting up while at a tradeshow fair. I couldn’t sit down or be “nice” to it, So I figured I was in a world of hurt. One application of the CBD Salve and the pain was gone!!! It felt miraculous! I recommend this product to anyone experiencing pain!"


We make all of our products by hand in the USA. Small batches  ensure premium products.