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An Overview of CBD and Devil's Club

Updated: Mar 5

What exactly is Devil’s Club?

Devil’s Club is a plant native to the Pacific Northwest. It thrives in the highly precipitant rainforests of Southeast Alaska along the banks of streams and rivers. The plant itself is composed of a long, spiny stalk and sprawling leaves. Despite its intimidating appearance, beneath the poisonous barbs is a highly medicinal bark. Traditionally, native peoples of the area (Haida/Tlingit) processed this bark into various medicines and teas. Although cumbersome and potentially risky to collect, the natives felt that the highly effective nature of Devil’s Club made it worthwhile to gather.

What are the benefits of Devil’s Club?

For hundreds of years, the native peoples of the Pacific Northwest have used Devil’s Club to treat an innumerable amount of ailments. Devil’s Club, sometimes dubbed “Alaskan Ginseng” has been known to provide relief. Further, Devil’s Club has been used to speed the healing process for small cuts and abrasions.

What is CBD?

Short for Cannabidiol, CBD is a natural derivative (known as a cannibanoid) of the industrial hemp plant from the cannabis family. Unlike its cousin, THC, CBD is non-psychoactive. This means the user of CBD won’t experience the “high” associated with marijuana consumption. In recent years, technology has allowed scientists to process and isolate cannabidiol more effectively, which has led to the explosion of popularity surrounding CBD products. If you’ve never heard about CBD before, read on to learn more.

What are the benefits associated with CBD?

Users of CBD have reported relief of symptoms from a wide array of conditions. Although user testimonials have not been evaluated by the FDA, the effectiveness of CBD is undeniable. Applied topically, CBD penetrates the skin through a carrier (a salve, lotion, or cream) to provide relief to the source of discomfort. Our products have been expertly formulated for transdermal effectiveness.

How does CBD work?

The human body naturally contains a system of nerve receptors that scientists have named “the endocannabinoid system.” This system is responsible for regulating several bodily functions including appetite, sleep, and the pain & immune system. When CBD products are taken orally or applied topically, they bind to these nervous receptors influencing the way our body processes various stimulation.

What is CannaBiDevil?

CannaBiDevil is Snowy Summit CBD’s proprietary blend of Devil’s Club and CBD oil. This formula provides unprecedented effectiveness by maximizing the healing benefits of both incredible plants into an easy-to-use salve. Applied topically, CannaBiDevil salve has been reported to be successful in providing pain relief at the source. Additionally, CannaBiDevil salve can be applied to various skin conditions.

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